Want to lose a pound a day?

Try Vig's HCG!

We still have the REAL HCG with the hormone! Get yours while supplies lasts.

Our customers say this is the FASTEST, SAFEST, MOST EFFECTIVE way to lose weight EVER!

The HCG diet is a 6 week program that doesn't require much more than a healthy diet to acheive success.

Our customers report an average weight loss of one pound per day, and some lose their weight even faster! They even say that while on the diet, they aren't even hungry!

(This is NOT a 500 calorie diet!!)

Our 14 page extended HCG handout will be included with your order.
And keep in mind, there is always someone here at the store that can answer your HCG questions. Call us anytime!
Store Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8am-7pm and Sunday: 9am-6pm

(208) 746-7044

The price of a single bottle of HCG (42 day supply) is $69.99. We also offer discount pricing on 3 or more bottles. If you buy 3 or more, the price is $59.99 each.

You will notice that our price says $0.00. That is because HCG is ONLY able to be purchased in-store or by phone order. If you add HCG to your cart and try to purchase online, your purchase will not be fulfilled.



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