Now Foods Kava Kava Extract

Imagine the happy, peaceful feeling of being on vacation on a South Seas island and you will understand the magic of the herb Kava Kava. For years travelers to the area were welcomed with a Kava Kava brew so they could relax and enjoy paradise. South Pacific islanders have used Kava Kava for more than 3.000 years for its remarkable calming effects.

Research suggests that Kava Kava may help provide nutritive support for soothing your nerves and relaxing your muscles without making you sleepy. Discover a renewed sense of well-being and put your worries behind you with Kava Kava.

Consuming Kava Kava typically produces feelings of peace, contentment and relaxation. Kava Kava root is intended to provide nutritive support for a calm, cheerful mood and clear mental focus. It's the ideal supplement to offset the tension of difficult stress-filled days.

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