KAL Wild Blue Omega 3 plus D-3

KAL Wild Blue Omega 3 plus D-3 1200 mg 180 Softgels


KAL Wild Blue Omega 3 plus D-3 combines the best of the Sun & Sea in a flavor-free softgel. KAL Wild Blue Omega 3 plus D-3 comes from cold water sourced wild fish such as sardine and anchovy. Using these wild fish guarantees their Omega 3 oils come from only the cleanest, coldest waters in the world, providing the purest fish oil source. KAL Wild Blue Omega 3 plus D-3fish oils go through a multi-stage purity process, including molecular distillation, to remove heavy metals, PCB's, dioxins, furans and other contaminants. Omega 3 with Vitamin D-3 provides a Daily Duo of industry leading ingredients. Often called the sunshine vitamin, D-3 is naturally produced in the body when exposed to direct UVB rays. Recent discoveries suggest D-3 supports the body in a variety of ways for overall health, just like Omega 3. From sun to sea, this Daily Duo formula of Omega 3 and Vitamin D, provides a nutrient rich formula in one daily softgel.

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