Flora Flor Essence Dried


  • Whole-body detoxification*
  • Digestion*
  • Immune support*                                               

This traditional Ojibwa formula was rediscovered by humanitarian nurse Rene Caisse and perfected through years of clinical studies with her longtime research partner, Dr, Charles Brusch, personal physician to President John F. Kennedy. This formula enables the body to effectively remove toxins and wastes.*


True health begins and ends within the digestive system. Taking Flor•Essence® helps the body achieve a new, vibrant equilibrium.*


This time-honored formula has unique synergistic properties which help to gently detoxify and rejuvenate the entire body.*


Flor•Essence® is a formula that is safe and effective for everyday use, short term and long term. 



People who are experiencing the signs of toxic overload:*

  • Sluggish metabolism
  • Low body temperature
  • Sugar imbalance
  • Poor circulation

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