Natural Olbas Aromatherapy Inhaler

Olbas - Aromatic Inhaler - 1 Piece(s) (0.01 oz, 285 mg)

Olbas Aromatic Inhaler vapors provide a pleasant, refreshing, and cooling sensation to your nasal passages. Olbas Aromatic Inhaler is especially beneficial during times of seasonal discomfort, low humidity and other unwelcome nasal encounters. Olbas Aromatic Inhaler's fast-acting, penetrating vapors provide an immediate, fresh, clean feeling in the nose, sinuses and lungs.

Olbas Aromatic Inhaler Highlights:

  • Original Swiss Essential Oil Formula
  • Makes Nasal Passages Feel Cleaner
  • Lessens Effects of Low Humidity
  • Penetrating Vapors With Rapid Action
  • Helps You Endure Seasonal Discomfort

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