Herb Pharm Usnea

Usnea Extract by Herb Pharm provides usnea‚ which is a form of lichen that may work to support general health in several ways.

First‚ usnea contains an active compound called usnic acid that may help address certain symptoms associated with indigestion due to its bitter taste. Usnea extract also contains mucilage‚ which could play a role in relieving mild coughs.

Additionally‚ Usnea Extract may play a role in fighting off some infections in the mucus membranes of the lungs and bronchial tubes. As a result‚ this product may help address certain symptoms associated with mild chest pain or difficulty breathing by working to eliminate phlegm.

Moreover‚ usnea extract might work to kill certain forms of bacteria by interfering with the functioning of their cell membranes. This may prevent the formation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate)‚ which is a molecule that’s responsible for transferring energy between cells.

This supplement is prepared with several species of sustainably wildcrafted usnea lichens using a proprietary double-extraction process.

Each bottle of Herb Pharm’s Usnea Extract contains one fluid ounce of solution.

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